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🎧 Daily Proverb: June 28

Vanderbilt Refuses Babys Transplant Unless Jabbed Duration: 00:09 Posted: 2022-06-28

Us Women Go On Sex Strike Swedish Rioter I Didnt Know It Was Illegal To Throw Stones Duration: 00:04 Posted: 2022-06-28

The David Knight Show 28June22 Unabridged Duration: 03:01 Posted: 2022-06-28

Chinas 1 Yr Increase In Emissions 15 Yrs Us Reduction Duration: 00:13 Posted: 2022-06-28

Hunter Told His Ho About Ho Spy Chief Of China Duration: 00:11 Posted: 2022-06-28

Both Putin Biden Move Small Nukes Into Ukraine Duration: 00:07 Posted: 2022-06-28

I once came across a article call β€œThe One Hundred Things Challenge”. The idea is a write down (and think about) what you would want to keep if you had a hard limit. This is a good exercise, as it make you think about what you truly value and need. It will help you with prepping as well.

Give it a shot! Grab a pad and make a list. You can use any method of counting you wish. (i.e.Β computer as 1 or 5 things counting the components) You could also do a list of supplies (vitamins, food, etc…) that you use to SEE what you are spending your money on and need to stock.

Beware The Lockdown Dogs Duration: 00:10 Posted: 2022-06-28

How To Make Your Own First Aid Kit Duration: 00:12 Posted: 2022-06-28

Fake Staged Event To Rescue The Satanic New Ifb Duration: 00:22 Posted: 2022-06-27


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