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Buttigieg Says Roads Are Racist Destroy Duration: 00:12 Posted: 2022-07-01

Paul Craig Roberts Nuke War Coming Mysterious Deaths Dont Stop Dems Cant Win V180K26 Duration: 01:06 Posted: 2022-06-30

Canadians Dont Want More Tea Australian Bank Collapse Toy Story Flop Boris Johnson Genius Duration: 00:06 Posted: 2022-07-01

The David Knight Show 1July22 Unabridged Duration: 03:01 Posted: 2022-07-01

Interview Biden Natos Relentless War As Long As It Takes Duration: 00:59 Posted: 2022-07-01

Interview Nullification Anti Commandeering And The Local Sheriff Duration: 00:36 Posted: 2022-07-01

Scotus Counterpunch To Davos Un 2030 Duration: 00:27 Posted: 2022-07-01

Netherlands Farmers Vs The Government Hugo Talks Duration: 00:04 Posted: 2022-07-01

What Is The Most Powerful Word In The History Of The World Duration: 00:03 Posted: 2022-06-30

Hereaposs Why The Global Elite Are Panicking Duration: 00:07 Posted: 2022-06-30

What Is The Abortion Issue Really About Duration: 00:08 Posted: 2022-06-30

New Supreme Court Justice Married To A Jesuit Duration: 00:02 Posted: 2022-06-30

Amazon Raises The Dead With Alexa Newworldnextweek Duration: 00:28 Posted: 2022-06-30


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