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This site is designed in such a manner that you can copy the entire site and run it from Windows, Linux, BSD, or even Android. Anything with a web server. All links are relative, so the base domain can be changed. You can also just download it to your PC and point your web browser to the index.html file.

To download the entire site with wget (about 125gb):

wget –random-wait -r -p -e robots=off -U mozilla

🔩 Maintainer of site

My name is Mitchell Johnston, and I hail from North Dakota, USA. I built this website to help others learn the Bible, and grow in the faith with The Lord Jesus Christ. I use to be a UNIX administrator, instructor, and consultant. So I leverage my skills to build and maintain it.

I have been a truth seeker my entire life. It took me a long time to figure out that pretty much everything we are taught or told is a lie. After turning my life over to The Lord Jesus Christ, and a lot of prayer, He led me to the King James AV 1611. So I prayed for understanding and he began to show me the truth. His words are truth (about the only truth I have found).

The Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. - Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Using God’s words as a baseline I have started over. Having to reeducate myself and figure out how I fit into this new reality. I no longer trust any major institution that we have (Religious, economic, or government). If it is counter the The Word, then I toss it.

This is what I have figured out so far (leaving out details, this is just a readme):

So how does one cope with all of that? Well my solution is to do the following:

I have four sets of people that I am targeting:

  1. People who already have Jesus , and are studying His Word.
    • I provide reference works to read.
    • King James Bible application (web based)
    • Links to other sites that I believe are of value.
  2. Unsaved people.
    • I write the URL (for the site) on the backs of tracks that I leave all over the place.
    • Salvation page
  3. People looking for help and information on alternative health and expose the lies.
    • Basic information on why folks get sick.
    • Topics for getting and staying healthy.
    • Links for additional information
    • Links to videos worth watching to learn more.
  4. UNIX/Linux users, who are not saved
    • A UNIX page
    • It also contain links to my main site, and some content for believers.
    • The main site is also text browser friendly. Lynx displays it well, with Unicode support.


Living in a small apartment with my wife (of 30+ years), one of my sons, and two cats, plus a dog; I don’t have much room. So I took a walk-in closet and use it as a home office (just me and the clothes).

The site runs on my laptop, as the primary server. It does not take any real resources, so it is pretty quick. This is not a high performance web server, but I don’t attract a lot of hits. If the stats kick in, I will build a dedicated brick server for it and put it on a UPS.

Tools used

So that is it. I do not use JavaScript, fancy plugins, or other tools. I am not a ‘web dude’, I am a UNIX geek. My goal is to help other Christians and lead non believers to The Lord Jesus Christ. I do not want to spend all my free time managing a website.

If you have any questions, or comments please feel free to email me at the link below.

May the Lord bless you and good day!

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